Blair Canine Coaching

Everything you will ever need for your pet


Basic Obedience Course

Upon completion of a phone consultation I will help customize a training plan that fits you and your dogs needs perfectly! My four week in home course will cover the obedience cues you are looking to teach your dog as well as much more important life skills. We meet once a week for an hour at a time for four weeks at your convenience. The success of any plan depends fully on your ability to practice and stay consistent. Prices depend on your location and range from $150-$180

Behavior Modification

During my behavior modification program I will help YOU manage and curtail any problem behaviors your dog is currently experiencing.  As well as changing your routine to prevent them from happening again. The success of any plan depends fully on your ability to practice and stay consistent.

Dog Walking/ Drop in Visits

Weather you cant come home from work during the day to let your dog out or walk him, don't have the time in your schedule, you become ill or injured, or your dog needs more exercise than most and you are exhausted you can call me to help you meet your dogs needs. Prices depend on your location but ranges from $12-$18

In My Home Pet Sitting

Your dog is welcome in my home to stay while you are away. I do not have kennels, they stay with my family on our half acre property by a state park with an enormous yard that is securely fenced with 5 foot high chain link fence. Price is $25 per day and a half off discount for any additional dog(s)

In Your Home Pet Sitting

I am certified to take care of more than just your dog! I can care for small animals (rabbits, mice, ferrets,etc), birds, fish, reptiles, and garden ponds. If you are away for a day or a month I can cater to your personal needs.  I also can include light housework, taking in your mail, watering plants, and turning lights on and off to give your home that "lived in" appearance while you are away. I also maintain a current criminal background check and can provide references for your added assurance. Prices depend on your location and ranges from $40-$60 per night.

Online dog & cat treat store

Feeding our dogs right has become more difficult than ever in today's market. Compromised and unnecessary ingredients flood what is in our dogs food and treats. I think you would be pleased with my one ingredient treats that I hand prepare. All ingredients are sourced locally to me here in central PA. Each treat has a myriad of benefits that you can learn about in each listing. The inventory changes often as my supplier calls me each week so keep checking back. Be sure to check out my shop here and stock up as they keep in the freezer for months!

Health and Wellness consult

As a certified canine and feline nutritionist I can help you implement a food and treat plan that will ensure a lifetime of health for your pet. Also, if you are having medical problems that just don't seem to respond to harmful  extensive pharmaceutical therapy or continue to depend on them you would be surprised to know how diet can change all that. I want to share my knowledge and experience on what is truly best for our pets, not what marketing wants us to believe. I also specialize in feeding your dog or cat a raw diet if you are interested in switching to a species appropriate diet. We can hold the consult at your home or via phone or email. Prices depend on individual cases. 


Pet Massage 

The therapy of massage is powerful and not only for humans. As a certified canine and feline massage therapist I can help optimize the health of your pet through touch and aromatherapy. Sessions can be held at your home or mine. Packages are available and depend on individual needs. 


Pet Photography

 If you wish to have your pet photographed we can come up with a vision together. Prices depend on service needed. For a link to my Flikr account click here.


Potential Dog Owner Consultation

Want to get a dog but don't know where to start? I can help you with all the questions you may have, what breed might fit your lifestyle best, how to get ready for your new dog, and where to find that "perfect" dog you are looking for.


Before You Bring Home Baby Consultation

Don't assume your new baby and your dog will automatically bond. Chances are they wont and problems will most likely occur. Make things easy on your growing family and your canine companion by preparing before you bring baby home.


Include your pet in your wedding

Want your pet to be a part of your special day? Wedding day can be a stressful and event filled day. Adding an animal to the mix can potentially be a disaster without careful planning and a caretaker.  I can provide transportation to and from your event and stay with your pet for the duration of the ceremony. Prices depend on venue location and needs.


Event, information, classes, and seminar services

If you are looking to offer educational classes and/or seminars to your group I can provide you with what you are looking for. Topics include but are in no way limited to animal advocacy, children/animal education, animal abuse prevention, dog training, shelter dog rehabilitation. If you have a topic you are interested in I can create a class to cater to that. From groups such as boy/girl scouts, student classrooms, and adult education.